What Does “Tribush” Mean in League of Legends?


Tribush in League of Legends refers to a strategically located bush on the map that connects three paths. It’s crucial for vision control, setting up ambushes, and map awareness, and mastering its use can be a game-changer.

In the world of online gaming, especially in MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas) like League of Legends, mastering the map’s geography is as crucial as mastering a champion. One term that often pops up in the context of map strategy is “tribush.” This article will explore what tribush means in League of Legends, its strategic importance, and more.

Definition of Tribush

Tribush, a portmanteau of “triangular” and “bush,” refers to a specific bush on the Summoner’s Rift map in League of Legends. It is shaped like a triangle and connects three different paths. The strategic positioning of the tribush makes it a crucial element for vision control, ambushes, and map awareness.

Examples in Sentences

  • “Ward the tribush to prevent ganks from the enemy jungler.”
  • “Let’s set up an ambush in the tribush near the dragon pit.”

Similar Terms

  • Brush: Any bush on the Summoner’s Rift map used for stealth and vision control.
  • Gank: A surprise attack, often occurring from a bush or unseen area of the map.
  • Warding: Placing vision wards in strategic locations, including bushes like the tribush.
  • Jungle: The area of the map filled with neutral monsters and multiple paths, including areas near the tribush.


Tribush is pronounced as [trahy-buhsh], with emphasis on the first syllable.

Origin of Tribush

The term originated from the League of Legends player base as a way to describe this uniquely shaped bush. Its strategic significance and unique shape quickly made it a staple in the game’s vernacular. The use of “tribush” has become so common that it’s understood across various MOBAs that feature similar map designs.

Tribush in League of Legends

In League of Legends, there are two main tribushes of interest:

  1. Near the Dragon Pit: Located near the bottom lane, this tribush is crucial for controlling vision around the Dragon Pit and preventing ganks in the bottom lane.
  2. Near the Baron Pit: Situated near the top lane, this tribush is vital for controlling the upper side of the map and the Baron Nashor area.

Strategic Importance of Tribush

The tribush’s location makes it a power spot for controlling game flow. It’s a crossroad for junglers, a gank path for roaming players, and a vision control point for both teams. Properly utilizing the tribush can lead to successful ambushes, avoiding enemy ganks, and securing objectives.

Games with Similar Concepts

  • Mobile Legends: Another popular MOBA with map elements similar to tribushes.
  • Dota 2: Features areas with similar strategic importance, although not named identically.

The Evolution of Map Strategy in MOBAs

Over time, understanding and controlling map elements like the tribush have evolved into essential skills in MOBAs. It’s not just about individual player skill but also about how well a team can control and adapt to the map’s geography.

Why Understanding Tribush is Crucial

Knowing the dynamics of the tribush can significantly impact your gameplay. It can mean the difference between a successful gank and falling into an enemy ambush. As such, it’s an area given high priority in terms of warding and map awareness.

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