What Does “TP” Mean in Gaming?


TP in gaming stands for “Teleport,” a mechanic allowing characters to instantaneously move to different locations on the map. It’s a strategic tool in games like League of Legends and Dota 2, used for quick repositioning, joining team fights, or controlling objectives.

In the diverse world of online gaming, where every second and strategic move counts, understanding gaming jargon is not just about keeping up with the cool kids; it’s about enhancing your gameplay. One such term that has become ubiquitous across various games is “TP.” From League of Legends to Mobile Legends, this term plays a significant role. But what does TP mean, and how does it impact your gaming strategy?

Definition of TP

“TP” stands for “Teleport,” a mechanic found in many video games that allows characters to move instantly from one location to another within the game’s world. This ability, or item, can be crucial in shifting the tides of a game, enabling quick repositioning, surprise attacks, or swift retreats.

Usage in Sentences

  • “Wait for me to TP back into the lane before we start the fight.”
  • “Use your TP to join us for the dragon fight immediately.”

Similar Terms

  • Flash: A quick movement or blink ability.
  • Recall: Returning to a base or safe point.
  • Blink: Instantly teleporting a short distance.
  • Summoner Spell: Specific abilities in games like League of Legends, including Teleport.


TP is pronounced by saying each letter individually: “T-P.”

Origin and Games Where It’s Prevalent

The term TP, while general in its meaning, has specific implications in certain games:

  • League of Legends: TP is a ‘Summoner Spell’ used to teleport to a friendly turret, minion, or ward.
  • Dota 2: TP can refer to the ‘Town Portal Scroll,’ an item used for teleporting to a friendly building.
  • Mobile Legends: Similar to League of Legends, TP is used for instant movement across the map.

The Strategic Importance of TP

In strategic games like League of Legends and Dota 2, TP is a game-changer. It can be used to:

  1. Join Team Fights: Quickly joining allies to turn the tide of battle.
  2. Split Pushing: Pushing a lane while having the ability to join your team if needed.
  3. Objective Control: Quickly moving to objectives like Baron, Dragon, or Towers.

Managing TP in Gameplay

Effective use of TP requires good map awareness and understanding game timing. Misusing TP can lead to wasted opportunities or being outnumbered in crucial fights. It’s not just about knowing when to teleport but also where and how it will impact the subsequent play.

Tips for Using TP

  1. Vision is Key: Always have a clear idea of your destination.
  2. Communication: Coordinate with your team when using TP to ensure maximum impact.
  3. Be Mindful of Cooldowns: TP often has a long cooldown. Use it wisely.

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