What Does “Poke” Mean in League of Legends?


‘Poke’ in League of Legends is a strategy involving dealing small amounts of damage to enemies from a safe distance, usually with long-range abilities. It is a key tactical element that helps control the game’s pace, weaken enemies, and secure objectives.

League of Legends, with its rich gameplay dynamics and strategic elements, is a treasure trove of unique terminologies. One of these phrases you may have come across while playing or watching the game is ‘poke’. This term, while simple in appearance, carries strategic significance and is key to understanding the complex mechanics of the game. In this article, we’ll explore the definition, usage, pronunciation, and origins of ‘poke’ in the context of League of Legends, along with related terms and strategic implications.

Definition of ‘Poke’

In League of Legends, ‘poke’ refers to the strategy of dealing small amounts of damage to enemy champions from a safe distance. This is typically accomplished by using long-range abilities to whittle down opponents’ health bars before engaging in a full-blown fight. The main aim of poke is to weaken the enemy, making them less capable or willing to fight back when the main engagement begins.

Usage in a Sentence

The term ‘poke’ is often used in the heat of the game or in strategic discussions. Here are a few examples of how it might be used:

  1. “Try to poke their ADC down before we engage in a team fight.”
  2. “Our team has a lot of poke with Lux and Varus.”

Similar Terms

While there is no exact synonym for ‘poke’, there are some related terms within the game. ‘Harass’ is another term that describes similar gameplay, focusing on dealing consistent, low-risk damage to the enemy. ‘Kite‘ is another strategy that involves dealing damage while staying out of the enemy’s reach, similar to poke but typically involving movement strategies.

Pronunciation and Origin

The term ‘poke’ is pronounced just like the English word ‘poke’ – which is exactly what it is. The origin of the term in gaming stems from the English verb that means to jab or prod, an accurate description of the strategy’s intention: to prod or chip away at enemies from a distance.

“League Poke” Popularity According to Google Trends

The the below graph from Google Trends highlights the popularity of “League Poke” since 2018:

The Strategic Importance of Poke

Poke plays a critical role in the overall strategy of a League of Legends match. A team with strong poke can apply pressure, control objectives, and force the enemy team to back off or fight at a disadvantage. Poke is particularly important during the laning phase, where effective poking can force an enemy out of the lane, denying them experience and gold.

Poke strategies usually revolve around champions with long-range abilities, such as Ezreal, Lux, or Xerath. These champions can apply poke from a safe distance, controlling space, and dictating the flow of fights.

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