What Does “OTP” (One Trick Pony) Mean in League of Legends?


In League of Legends, “otp” stands for “one-trick pony,” referring to a player who predominantly plays a single champion, mastering its mechanics, strategies, and matchups. While OTPs often have extensive knowledge and experience with their chosen champion, their limited champion pool can make them vulnerable to counter picks, bans, or changes in the meta.

In online gaming communities, players often develop their unique language filled with slang and abbreviations to communicate efficiently. In League of Legends, a popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game, players frequently use specific terms to convey information during gameplay. One such term is “otp.” In this article, we will explore the meaning of “otp” in League of Legends, its definition, examples of its usage in a sentence, common champions that are one-tricked, similar terms, and more.

Defining “OTP” in League of Legends

“OTP” stands for “one-trick pony” in the context of League of Legends. It refers to a player who predominantly plays a single champion, mastering its mechanics, strategies, and matchups. OTPs often have extensive knowledge and experience with their chosen champion, allowing them to outplay opponents and perform well in various situations. However, their limited champion pool can also make them vulnerable to counter picks, bans, or changes in the meta.

Examples of “OTP” in a Sentence

Here are a few examples of how “otp” can be used in a sentence:

  1. “That Riven player is an OTP; she has over 1,000 games on that champion.”
  2. “If you’re looking to climb the ranked ladder, becoming an OTP can be an effective strategy.”
  3. “We should ban Yasuo because their top laner is a known OTP with a high win rate.”

Common Champions That Are One-Tricked

Some champions are more commonly one-tricked due to their unique playstyles, high skill ceilings, or dedicated fan bases. Examples of such champions include:

  1. Riven
  2. Yasuo
  3. Zed
  4. Vayne
  5. Draven
  6. Fiora
  7. Katarina

Famous One Trick Ponies in League of Legends

These players, known as “One Trick Ponies” (OTPs), have gained fame not only for their skill but also for their unique contributions to the game’s culture. Here, we celebrate some of the most notable OTPs in the League of Legends community.

MangoFish – Fizz

  • MangoFish is renowned for his unparalleled mastery of Fizz, the Tidal Trickster. His gameplay showcases a deep understanding of Fizz’s mechanics, making him a formidable opponent in the mid-lane.

Zed99 – Zed

  • Zed99 has become synonymous with the champion Zed, known for his high-skill plays and strategic assassin gameplay. His ability to outmaneuver opponents is admired by many in the League community.

Thebausffs – Sion

  • Known for his unconventional playstyle, Thebausffs has made a name for himself with Sion. He is not only skilled but also creative, often finding new ways to utilize Sion’s abilities effectively.

Annie Bot – Annie

  • As the name suggests, Annie Bot is famous for playing Annie. His deep knowledge of the champion and the game makes him a respected figure, especially among Annie enthusiasts.

Solarbacca – Gangplank

  • Solarbacca is known for his expertise with Gangplank. His strategic play and effective use of Gangplank’s abilities have earned him recognition in the community.

Tobias Fate – Gangplank

  • Another renowned Gangplank player, Tobias Fate has a significant following due to his entertaining streams and high-level Gangplank gameplay.

Beifeng – Qiyana

  • Beifeng stands out for his exceptional skills with Qiyana. His gameplay is often highlighted for its aggressiveness and tactical proficiency.

Pzzang – Yasuo

  • Pzzang is known for his outstanding plays with Yasuo. His mechanical prowess and ability to make game-changing plays have made him a prominent Yasuo player.

Ap0calypse – Janna

  • A unique inclusion, Ap0calypse is notable for playing Janna in a distinctive and highly effective manner, showcasing the champion’s potential beyond traditional support roles.

Rat IRL – Twitch

  • Known for his Twitch gameplay, Rat IRL has become one of the most feared players in the European region. His ability to carry games with Twitch’s stealth and burst damage is well-known.

Cowsep – Master Yi

  • Cowsep has become a face for Master Yi players worldwide. His stream is not only informative but also entertaining, making him a popular figure in the League of Legends community.

LL Stylish – Zed

  • Similar to Zed99, LL Stylish is another player who has become nearly synonymous with Zed. His high-level play and educational content have influenced many Zed players.

BoxBox – Riven

  • BoxBox is famous for his Riven plays, combining skill with entertaining commentary. He has been influential in popularizing Riven through his stream and YouTube content.

Drututt – Camille

  • Drututt has distinguished himself as a top-tier Camille player. His in-depth understanding of the champion’s mechanics and matchups has made him a go-to resource for players looking to learn Camille.

Xiao Lao Ban – Ekko

  • Xiao Lao Ban is known for his exceptional Ekko gameplay, often dominating games with his aggressive playstyle and deep understanding of the champion.

These players have not only mastered their respective champions but also contributed to the larger League of Legends community through their gameplay, streams, and educational content. Their dedication to a single champion has allowed them to reach heights of skill and recognition, making them legends in their own right.

The Origin of the Term “One Trick Pony”

The term “One Trick Pony” predates its usage in gaming and has its origins in the world of show business. Historically, it referred to a circus act or performer who could only perform a single routine or had one notable skill. This term was often used in a somewhat derogatory sense, implying a lack of versatility.

In gaming, particularly in competitive games like League of Legends, the term evolved to take on a more nuanced meaning. It began to represent players who dedicate themselves to mastering a single champion, turning that singular focus into an advantage rather than a limitation. The term in gaming circles is more of an acknowledgment of specialization and less about the lack of versatility.

Understanding the roots of “One Trick Pony” enriches our appreciation of the term in the gaming context. It underscores the evolution of language and how terms can take on new meanings and significance in different environments.

“OTP” Popularity According to Google Trends

The the below graph from Google Trends highlights the popularity of the term “OTP LoL” since 2019:

Similar Terms to “OTP”

There are several terms related to “otp” used in League of Legends and other online games:

  1. Maining: Refers to the act of primarily playing a specific champion or role.
  2. Smurf: A term used to describe a skilled player who creates a new account to play against less experienced opponents, often using their OTP champion to quickly climb the ranks.
  3. Flex pick: A champion that can be played in multiple roles, allowing players to adapt to different team compositions and strategies.


Understanding the term “otp” in League of Legends helps players recognize the unique playstyles and strategies associated with one-trick ponies. Familiarity with related terms, such as maining, smurfing, and flex picks, enhances communication and strategic planning within the gaming community.

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