What Does “OOM” Mean in Gaming?


“OOM” stands for “Out Of Mana” in gaming and is used to indicate that a player has depleted their resource for casting abilities and needs to replenish it. This term is especially relevant in games where mana is a key mechanic for ability usage.

Online gaming is a realm filled with unique terminologies, each vital for quick and effective communication during gameplay. One such term that frequently pops up, especially in strategy and role-playing games, is “OOM.” This term plays a crucial role in team dynamics and strategy, but what does it actually mean?

Definition of “OOM”

“OOM” in gaming stands for “Out Of Mana.” Mana is a resource used in many games to cast spells or abilities. When a player says they are “OOM,” it means they have depleted their mana and cannot cast any more abilities until it is replenished. This term is crucial as it directly affects a player’s ability to contribute effectively in battles or tasks.

Usage in Sentences

Here are some examples of “OOM” being used in gaming contexts:

  1. “Can’t engage in the fight right now, I’m OOM.”
  2. “Healers, watch your mana; we can’t afford to go OOM during this boss fight.”

Similar Terms

  • HP: Health Points or Hit Points.
  • CD: Cooldown, the waiting time before an ability can be used again.
  • CC: Crowd Control, abilities that limit or prevent actions of other players.


“OOM” is pronounced is just as it seems, “oom” as in “doom” (without the D of course). Some people may say each letter individually: “O-O-M.”


The term “OOM” likely originated from early RPGs and MMOs where mana was a common mechanic for ability usage. Over time, it has become a standard term across various game genres that utilize a similar mechanic.

“oom” Popularity According to Google Trends

The the below graph from Google Trends highlights the popularity of “oom” since 2019:

Strategic Importance

Being OOM in a game like League of Legends can significantly affect a player’s performance. For instance, a mage without mana during a team fight is significantly less effective. Similarly, a healer running OOM can spell disaster for a team relying on their support. Understanding and managing mana is key to ensuring that you are always battle-ready and not caught off-guard in critical moments.

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