What Does “Leash” mean in League of Legends?


In League of Legends, ‘leashing’ refers to assisting the jungler at the start of the game by dealing initial damage to a neutral monster in the jungle, without taking the kill. This act aids the jungler, making the monster easier to defeat and allowing the jungler to maintain more health.

When diving into the strategic and often high-pressure world of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games like League of Legends (LoL), one will encounter a unique language used by the players. One such term widely used in the LoL community is ‘leashing.’ But what does ‘leash’ mean? In this article, we will delve deep into the term, its usage, its origin, and its pronunciation.

Definition of ‘Leash’

In League of Legends, ‘leash’ or ‘leashing’ refers to the act of helping the jungler (a player who roams through the jungle) in the game by damaging a neutral monster in the jungle at the start of the match, without taking the final kill. This act aids the jungler by lowering the monster’s health, allowing the jungler to kill it more easily and sustain less damage in the process. After assisting, the other players return to their assigned lanes to continue their roles.

Usage in a Sentence

Here’s how ‘leash’ might be used in an in-game conversation:

  1. “Can you leash blue for me?”
  2. “I’m going to need a leash at red.”

Similar Terms

Similar to ‘leashing,’ another term that LoL players may come across is ‘kiting.’ Kiting refers to attacking a monster while moving in order to manage the damage received. It’s a technique often used by junglers to increase their survivability in the jungle.

Another term is ‘jungling,’ which is the act of killing neutral monsters in the jungle, often done by the jungler role. It’s directly related to ‘leashing’ as the leashing process is done to aid the jungler.

Pronunciation and Origin

The term ‘leash’ is pronounced just like the standard English word ‘leash.’ Its usage in League of Legends has likely emerged from the visual appearance and mechanic of the action. When a player attacks a monster and moves away, the monster will follow them for a distance, similar to a dog on a leash, before eventually returning to its original location. This visual representation likely led to the term’s adoption in the game.

“LoL Leash” Popularity According to Google Trends

The the below graph from Google Trends highlights the popularity of “LoL Leash” since 2018:


While leashing is a straightforward concept, it’s worth noting that it requires a degree of team coordination. The player who is leashing should only damage the monster and should never take the last hit or ‘steal’ the monster kill from the jungler, as this will deprive the jungler of gold and experience.

In addition, different junglers may need different types of leashes. Some champions might need a heavy leash, where teammates do more damage to the monster, while others might only need a light leash. This is all part of the communication and strategy that goes into a game of League of Legends.

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