What Does “Kiting” Mean in League of Legends?


In League of Legends, ‘kiting’ is a combat strategy where a player attacks an opponent and then moves back or sideways between attack cooldowns. This creates distance, making it harder for the opponent to retaliate, and allows the player to control the battlefield more effectively.

In the high-stakes world of competitive online gaming, particularly in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre represented by the immensely popular game League of Legends (LoL), a unique jargon has emerged. One such term extensively used within the gaming community of LoL is ‘kiting.’ This article seeks to illuminate what ‘kiting’ means, how it’s used, its pronunciation, its origin, and other related aspects of this term.

Definition of ‘Kiting’

In League of Legends, ‘kiting’ is a strategic combat maneuver used by players to maximize damage dealt to opponents while minimizing damage received. It involves attacking an opponent and then moving back or to the sides between the attack’s cooldowns, creating distance and making it harder for the opponent to retaliate. This tactic is especially useful for ranged characters that can attack from a distance.

Usage in a Sentence

Here are examples of ‘kiting’ being used in context during a game:

  1. “Good job kiting their tank in that team fight.”
  2. “Try to kite the enemy when they chase you.”

Similar Terms

Terms related to ‘kiting’ include ‘orb walking’ and ‘stutter stepping’. Both these terms refer to similar tactics where a player moves between attacks to maximize damage output and control their movement. While ‘kiting’ is a more general term, ‘orb walking’ and ‘stutter stepping’ are often used interchangeably in the context of LoL.

Pronunciation and Origin

The term ‘kite’ is pronounced like the English word for the flying object tethered at the end of a string. Its usage in gaming likely originates from the visual similarity between the motion of a kite and the technique in the game. A player who effectively uses the kiting technique can make an enemy character follow them around similar to how a kite follows the person holding its string, hence the name.

“LoL Kiting” Popularity According to Google Trends

The the below graph from Google Trends highlights the popularity of “LoL Kiting” since 2018:

The Importance of Kiting

Kiting is a crucial skill in League of Legends because it allows players to control the battlefield effectively. By moving between attacks, a player can both chase down enemies and retreat from threats while continuously dealing damage. Mastering kiting can significantly increase a player’s effectiveness, particularly when playing roles like the AD Carry that heavily rely on basic attacks.

Tips on Kiting

One key to successful kiting is understanding your champion’s attack speed and animation. Every champion has a different rhythm to their attacks, and getting to know this can help you time your movements better.

Also, use the Attack Move command (default ‘A’ key and left-click in LoL). This command makes your champion move towards the location, stopping to attack any enemy within their range. This can help avoid misclicks and makes kiting smoother.

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