What Does “KEKW” Mean?


“KEKW” is a term used primarily on Twitch to signify laughter or amusement, similar to “LOL” in everyday online chat. It comes from an emote featuring Spanish comedian Juan Joya Borja, also known as “El Risitas,” and is commonly used when something funny or entertaining happens during a stream.

As the internet continues to shape our language, new words and phrases are being created every day. In the world of online gaming and live streaming, one such term that has gained considerable traction is “KEKW.” But what does it actually mean? Let’s explore this term, its origin, its use, and similar terms that you might encounter.

Definition of KEKW

“KEKW” is an emote used on Twitch, a popular live streaming platform, especially in the gaming community. The term is used as a response to something funny or amusing happening during a stream. It’s equivalent to saying “LOL” or “that’s hilarious” in real-world conversation. When viewers find something funny during a stream, they will often spam the chat with “KEKW” as an expression of their amusement.

Examples of KEKW in Use

Here are a few examples of how “KEKW” might be used in Twitch chat:

  1. Streamer makes a silly mistake in-game: “Streamer just walked right into that trap. KEKW”
  2. An NPC does something unexpected and funny: “That NPC’s dance moves are out of this world. KEKW”
  3. Streamer tells a funny joke: “That joke was actually funny. KEKW”

Origin of KEKW

“KEKW” originated from a Twitch emote. The image used for the emote is a still shot of a Spanish comedian and actor named Juan Joya Borja, better known as “El Risitas.” The image comes from a TV interview where El Risitas bursts into infectious, uncontrollable laughter, which the viewers found hilarious.

The term itself, “KEKW,” is derived from Korean internet culture. “KEK” is the Korean equivalent of “LOL” in English, and the “W” is added for emphasis, much like “LOL” can become “LOLZ” in English.

Similar Terms to KEKW

There are many terms similar to “KEKW” that you might encounter, especially on Twitch. Some of them include:

  • LOL: Laugh out Loud
  • LUL: Another popular Twitch emote used to signify laughter.
  • LMAO: Laughing My A** Off
  • ROFL: Rolling On the Floor Laughing
  • KEK: The base form of KEKW, also used to signify laughter.

KEKW Popularity According to Google Trends

The below graph from Google Trends highlights the popularity of “KEKW” since 2018:

First Mention of KEKW On Reddit

Reddit is a pretty good way to hunt down the early usage of a term, due to it’s large userbase and the fact that it’s been around since 2005.

The first ever mention of “KEKW” on Reddit was on Thursday 5th September 2019, by user ‘Hurricane Smoker’, in the /r/leagueoflegends subreddit. The context of the comment is:

“Imagine LA Moe trying to become the new 100T midlaner with papa watching over him KEKW”


In a world where online communication is so prevalent, understanding the lingo can help you engage more deeply with the community. “KEKW” is one such term that exemplifies humor and amusement in the gaming and streaming community.

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