What Does “Jungle Diff” (Jungle Gap) Mean in League of Legends?


“Jungle diff” is a term used in League of Legends to describe a significant performance gap between the two opposing junglers in a match. It implies that one team’s jungler has outperformed the other, impacting various aspects of the game such as ganks, objectives, and vision control.

In the popular online multiplayer game, League of Legends (LoL), players rely on a wide array of game-specific terminology to communicate, strategize, and discuss gameplay. One such term, “jungle diff,” has been widely adopted in the LoL community. This article aims to explore the meaning of “jungle diff,” its implications on gameplay, and how to address a “jungle diff” situation. We will also delve into the origin of the term and discuss similar phrases used in the game.

Defining “Jungle Diff”

“Jungle diff” is a shortened form of “jungle difference,” which is used to describe a situation where one team’s jungler outperforms the other team’s jungler in various aspects of the game. Junglers are responsible for controlling the jungle, a neutral area filled with various monsters, and helping their teammates with ganks, objectives, and vision control. When a player refers to a jungle diff, they are often implying that the performance gap between the two junglers has significantly impacted the game.

How Jungle Difference Affects a Game

A jungle difference can have a significant impact on the outcome of a match. An effective jungler can:

  1. Secure more gold and experience by efficiently clearing jungle camps.
  2. Apply pressure on the enemy team through successful ganks, leading to kills, assists, and objectives.
  3. Deny the enemy jungler resources by invading and stealing their jungle camps.
  4. Provide vision control through the use of wards and objective control, such as securing Dragon, Rift Herald, or Baron.

A team suffering from a jungle diff may struggle to maintain map control, fall behind in gold and experience, and lose key objectives, making it difficult to achieve victory.

How to Address a “Jungle Diff” Situation

To overcome a jungle diff, a team must employ effective communication, coordination, and adaptability. Some strategies to address a jungle diff situation include:

  1. Provide support to the struggling jungler by warding and securing jungle camps together.
  2. Rotate lanes to help with ganks or pressure other objectives.
  3. Focus on strong lanes, looking for opportunities to snowball and swing the game in your favor.
  4. Adapt your playstyle, focusing on late-game scaling and teamfighting.

Origin of the Term “Jungle Diff”

The term “jungle diff” is derived from the broader concept of “role difference” or “lane difference,” which refers to the performance gap between two players in the same role. As the jungler role became more crucial and specialized, the term “jungle diff” emerged to specifically highlight differences in jungler performance.

What Terms Are Similar to ‘Jungle Diff’?

Other role-specific terms related to the concept of “jungle diff” include:

  1. Top diff: A difference in performance between the top laners.
  2. Mid diff: A difference in performance between the mid laners.
  3. Bot diff: A difference in performance between the bottom lane players (ADC and support).
  4. Supp diff: A difference in performance between the supports.


Understanding and recognizing “jungle diff” is essential for players looking to improve their gameplay and strategies in League of Legends. By identifying and addressing a jungle diff situation, players can adapt their approach and increase their chances of securing a win. Communication and teamwork are crucial in overcoming jungle diff scenarios and can ultimately lead to a more enjoyable and successful gaming experience.

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