What does ‘Diff’ Mean in Overwatch 2?


In Overwatch 2, “diff” refers to the skill or performance gap between players of the same role on different teams. It highlights the impact of individual player performance on the game’s outcome.

As online gaming communities continue to grow, various slang and terminology develop to facilitate communication among players. In Overwatch 2, the term “diff” has gained popularity as a way to describe disparities between players. In this article, we will explore the definition of “diff” in Overwatch 2, its impact on the game, the origins of the term, and similar terms used within the gaming community.

Defining “Diff” in Overwatch 2

“Diff” is short for “difference” and is used to describe the disparity in skill, performance, or impact between players in the same role on opposing teams. In Overwatch 2, players are assigned to various roles such as tank, damage, or support, and each role has specific responsibilities and objectives.

How “Diff” Impacts the Game

A significant “diff” can greatly influence the outcome of an Overwatch 2 match. When a player outperforms their counterpart in the same role, they can create opportunities for their team, secure more objectives, and generally have a more significant impact on the game.

In cases where a player is underperforming compared to their counterpart, this can lead to missed opportunities, poor team coordination, and difficulty controlling objectives, making it harder for their team to succeed. Recognizing and addressing a “diff” situation can help improve team performance and increase the chances of winning a match.

Origins of the Term “Diff”

The term “diff” likely originated from the broader gaming community, where the word “difference” has been used in various contexts to describe skill or performance gaps between players. As games like Overwatch evolved and roles became more specialized, players started using “diff” to specifically point out disparities in those roles.

Similar Terms to “Diff”

In addition to “diff,” other role-based “diff” terms are used to describe disparities in performance among players in different roles. Some of these include:

  1. Tank diff: Refers to the difference in skill or impact between the tank players.
  2. DPS diff: Refers to the difference in skill or impact between the damage dealers.
  3. Support diff: Refers to the difference in skill or impact between the support players.


Understanding the term “diff” in Overwatch 2 helps players recognize the impact of individual performance on a game’s outcome. By addressing “diff” situations, teams can improve coordination and increase their chances of success. Familiarity with similar terms also enhances communication and overall gaming experience.

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