What Does “Copium” Mean?


“Copium” is an internet slang term used to describe situations where someone is making a great effort to cope with a disappointing situation or a loss, often to the point of denial or irrationality.

Navigating the fascinating realm of internet slang can sometimes feel like exploring a new language. One of the more recent additions to this digital language is “Copium”. This term has quickly gained popularity for its unique way of expressing a common online phenomenon. But what does it mean, and where did it come from? Let’s find out.

Definition and Pronunciation

“Copium” is an internet slang term that combines two words: “cope” and “opium”. It is used to describe situations where someone is trying very hard to cope with a disappointing situation or a loss. It can be especially prevalent in gaming communities or other competitive online spaces. The term is often used to highlight situations where someone might be in denial about the reality of a situation.

In terms of pronunciation, “Copium” is said exactly how it looks – ‘cope-ium’, much like the pronunciation of ‘opium’.

Usage in a Sentence

“Copium” is frequently used in contexts where someone appears to be using mental gymnastics to deal with a negative situation or disappointment. For example, after a gaming match where a player loses badly, they might start explaining how they could have won if not for various unlikely factors. Another player might respond, “Sounds like you’re huffing some serious copium!”

Origin and Evolution

“Copium” began appearing in online discussions around mid-2020, gaining widespread usage in gaming communities, social media platforms, and online forums. The term reflects a broader trend in internet slang where new words are created through combinations or modifications of existing terms.

“Copium” reflects the act of ‘coping’ with disappointment or denial, with the ‘opium’ element adding a hyperbolic edge, implying that the person is so deep in denial that they’re metaphorically using heavy narcotics to escape reality.

“Copium” Popularity According to Google Trends

The the below graph from Google Trends highlights the popularity of “Copium” since 2018:

Similar Terms

“Copium” belongs to a category of internet slang that encapsulates behavior or reactions to specific situations. Similar terms include “Doomer” (someone persistently pessimistic about the world and its future) and “Hopium” (a combination of hope and opium, used to denote an irrational or unfounded sense of optimism).

These terms, like “Copium”, all play with exaggerations and hyperbole to comment humorously on human behavior and reactions.


“Copium” is more than just an internet slang term; it’s a commentary on how people cope with disappointments and the lengths to which they might go to avoid confronting reality. As an emblematic word of internet culture, it conveys complex social dynamics with a touch of humor and sarcasm.

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