What Does “BT” Mean in League of Legends?


In League of Legends, “BT” is an abbreviation for the item “Bloodthirster”. This item provides attack damage and lifesteal, which allows champions to restore health based on the damage they deal. It’s a popular choice for AD carries and champions that rely heavily on their basic attacks.

In the world of League of Legends, understanding the lingo is as important as understanding the gameplay. Among the many abbreviations that players use, “BT” is one that often pops up. But what exactly does it mean?


“BT” stands for “Bloodthirster”, one of the purchasable items in the game. This item is known for providing significant attack damage and lifesteal benefits, which makes it a popular choice for AD (Attack Damage) carries and champions who rely on their basic attacks to deal damage. The lifesteal from BT allows champions to restore health based on the damage they deal, making it an essential item for survivability in skirmishes and team fights.

Usage in Sentences

Here are a few examples of how “BT” might be used in the context of a game:

  1. “I just bought my BT and I’m ready for the next team fight.”
  2. “The enemy ADC has a fully stacked BT, be careful!”
  3. “Our top laner could really use a BT for the lifesteal.”

Similar Terms

  • IE: Infinity Edge, an item that greatly increases a champion’s damage output.
  • PD: Phantom Dancer, an item that provides attack speed and critical strike chance.
  • LW: Last Whisper, an item that grants bonus attack damage and armor penetration.


BT is typically pronounced as each individual letter, “B” and “T”.


The term “BT” comes directly from the item name “Bloodthirster”. Since typing out “Bloodthirster” in the middle of a match can be time-consuming, players often resort to using the abbreviation for quick and efficient communication.

“BT League” Popularity According to Google Trends

The the below graph from Google Trends highlights the popularity of “BT League” since 2018:

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