What does “BM” mean in gaming?


“BM”, short for “Bad Manners”, is a term used in gaming communities to refer to players who are intentionally being rude, disrespectful, or unsportsmanlike during a game. This could involve trash talking, excessive taunting, or purposefully making the game less enjoyable for others.

In the world of gaming, you may have come across an array of acronyms, one of which is “BM”. If you’ve been wondering what does BM mean in gaming, this article aims to provide a detailed analysis of the term, its application in various gaming contexts, and how it has shaped online gaming culture.

A Deeper Dive into BM: The Definition

At its core, the term “BM” stands for “Bad Manners”. It is used to designate a player’s unsportsmanlike behavior during a game. If you’ve ever been called out for BM, it means your gaming etiquette has been questioned.

The Many Faces of BM: Multiple Interpretations

While “Bad Manners” is the most common interpretation of BM, it is not the only one. Depending on the game and its context, BM could also signify:

  • Black Mage: This term is prevalent in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) where a Black Mage character is a part of the game.
  • Big Muscles: This is an unconventional usage, referring to a powerful character in a game.
  • Bad Mood: This refers to a player who is negatively affecting the gaming experience for others.

The Different Shades of BM: Identifying Bad Manners in Gaming

The manifestation of BM varies across games and players. However, some common instances of BM in games include:

  1. Deliberately aiding the enemy team.
  2. Friendly fire or killing your own team members.
  3. Persistently complaining or displaying a pessimistic attitude.
  4. Not acknowledging an opponent’s victory.
  5. Gloating excessively after a win.
  6. Prolonging a game unnecessarily.
  7. Using inappropriate language or insults.
  8. Employing cheats or hacks.
  9. Quitting the game or going AFK (Away From Keyboard) when losing.

The Epicenter of BM: Which Games Have the Most BM?

BM is not exclusive to a single game and can be found across most competitive online games. However, some games seem to have a higher level of BM, including:

  • Hearthstone
  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2

These games have been notorious for their high levels of in-game BM, with players frequently indulging in toxic behavior.

The BM Counter-Measures: How to Deal with BM?

When faced with BM, a player can adopt several strategies. If the BM involves verbal abuse, muting the player can be an effective solution. For other types of BM, reporting the player to the game administrators is often the only recourse.

The BM Language: Examples of BM in Sentences

To understand how BM is used in gaming, here are a few examples:

  • Example 1:
  • Player 1: “You’re no good at this game, better quit!”
  • Player 2: “You’re such a BM!”
  • Example 2:
  • Player 1: “Stop spoiling the game with your trash talk!”
  • Player 2: “I don’t care. I’ll BM if I want.”
  • Example 3:
  • Player 1: “BM! BM!”
  • Player 2: “I’m not a BM!”

Each of these examples illustrates how the term “BM” is used in the context of gaming conversations.

The Origin of BM: Tracing its Roots

The term BM and its usage have been prevalent since the mid to late 2000s, with games like Halo and the Call of Duty series contributing to its popularity. The need for quick communication during games led to the abbreviated form “BM” instead of the full term “Bad Manners”.

The BM Phenomena in FPS Games

BM has gained significant traction in First-Person Shooter (FPS) games like Halo and Call of Duty. Here, BM often manifests through actions like “teabagging” – a player crouching up and down on an opponent’s character’s body after eliminating them, a form of mockery.

BM in Fortnite: A Different Gaming Culture

Even in Fortnite, BM stands for “Bad Manners”. However, the actions that constitute BM in Fortnite may differ slightly, with excessive use of emotes or poor sportsmanship between games often labelled as BM.

Conclusion: Navigating the BM Landscape

Now that you understand what BM means in gaming, it’s essential to remember that the ultimate goal of gaming is enjoyment. Employing good manners enhances the gaming experience for everyone involved.

And remember, if someone accuses you of BM, it’s an opportunity to reflect on your gaming behavior. After all, gaming is all about fun, and no one wants to play with someone who is rude or unsportsmanlike.

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