What Does “AA” Mean in League of Legends?


“AA” stands for “Auto Attack” in the game League of Legends, referring to the basic attacks of champions in the game. It is an essential term used in-game communication and strategy.

In the sprawling and competitive world of online gaming, it is essential to understand the lingo. In the realm of League of Legends (LoL), one common term that crops up frequently is “AA”. This article delves into the meaning, usage, and origin of “AA” in League of Legends, and highlights similar terms to build a comprehensive understanding for the reader.

Definition of “AA”

“AA” in League of Legends stands for “Auto Attack.” It refers to the basic attacks that a champion performs by right-clicking on an enemy unit or champion. Every champion has a unique auto-attack, some ranged, some melee, but each one is an integral part of their kit.

How “AA” is Used in Game

The use of “AA” in gameplay can take many forms. Auto-attacking is a staple action in the League of Legends, from farming minions for gold, to dealing damage to enemy champions. For example, an Ashe player might type “let me AA the minions” to indicate they’re going to focus on farming. Or in a more complex sentence, a player might say, “I managed to weave in three AAs during that trade,” which means they attacked the enemy champion three times during their engagement.

The Origins of “AA”

As for the origin of “AA”, it’s rooted in gaming culture where abbreviations are often used for more efficient communication. In the context of MOBA games (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) like League of Legends, auto-attack is a fundamental action that players need to communicate frequently, thus the use of the term “AA” became popular.

“AA LoL” Popularity According to Google Trends

The below graph from Google Trends highlights the popularity of “AA LoL” since 2018:

Similar Terms

Several terms are related to “AA” in League of Legends. These include:

  1. ADC: Stands for “Attack Damage Carry.” This is a champion that relies heavily on their auto attacks and scales with attack damage items.
  2. Kiting: The act of moving between auto attacks to maintain distance from an enemy.
  3. Orb walking: Another term for kiting, named after the “Orb of Deception” mechanic in Dota, another popular MOBA game.

Understanding these terms can further enhance your understanding and communication in the world of League of Legends.


In conclusion, “AA” is a fundamental term in League of Legends referring to the Auto Attack mechanic of the game. Understanding this term, its use, and similar terms is crucial for clear communication and successful gameplay in the game.

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