The Ultimate League of Legends Glossary

Welcome to the world of League of Legends, one of the most iconic MOBAs, where the fast-paced action on the Rift is matched only by the rapid-fire slang used by its players. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the realm of Summoner’s Rift, understanding the unique language of League can be as crucial as nailing that perfect skill shot. In this ultimate League glossary, we delve into the rich tapestry of League slang, offering you a comprehensive guide to the terms and phrases that define the game’s vibrant community. Let’s unlock the secrets of League’s language together!


  • 10 Death Powerspike: A humorous community meme suggesting a player gains a powerspike after dying 10 times.
  • 1v1: Duel between two players or champions.
  • 200 Years: Refers to a champion with a complex and overwhelming kit, often frustrating to play against.
  • AA (Auto Attack): Basic attack, repeated automatically.
  • AAS (Archangel’s Staff): An item providing mana and ability power.
  • ABAM (All Blind All Mid): A custom game where players pick champions in Blind Pick to fight only in the mid lane.
  • Ace: Eliminating all champions of the enemy team.
  • Active: Abilities requiring activation to function, as opposed to passive abilities.
  • AD (Attack Damage): A stat that increases the damage of physical attacks and abilities.
  • ADAM (All Draft All Mid): A custom game type with drafting champions to fight only in the mid lane.
  • ADC (AD Carry): A role that primarily deals damage through attack damage.
  • AFK (Away From Keyboard): A player who is not in control of their champion in a match.
  • Aggro: The targeting priority of AI-controlled units like minions or turrets.
  • Alcove: Outer corners of top and bot lanes on Summoner’s Rift.
  • Ali (Alistar): A champion known for tankiness and crowd control.
  • All-in: Engaging in a fight with all available attacks and spells.
  • Ani/Aniv (Anivia): A champion known for her control and burst abilities.
  • AoE (Area of Effect): Abilities that affect multiple targets in an area.
  • AP (Ability Power): A stat that increases the effectiveness of magical abilities.
  • APC (AP Carry): A champion whose damage output primarily comes from ability power.
  • ARAM (All Random All Mid): A game mode with randomly assigned champions fighting in one lane.


  • Back: To retreat or recall to base.
  • Backdoor (BD): Attacking the enemy’s nexus while most of them are focused elsewhere.
  • Banana (Soraka’s Autoattack): Nickname for Soraka’s autoattack, resembling a banana.
  • Baron (Baron Nashor): A powerful neutral monster providing significant team buffs.
  • Base: The walled area where the nexus, inhibitors, and shop are located.
  • BC (Black Cleaver): An item providing attack damage and armor penetration.
  • BE (Blue Essence): In-game currency used for purchasing champions and other items.
  • Bear (Volibear/Annie/Udyr): Refers to champions with bear-related abilities or themes.
  • Bench: The swap available champion pool in ARAM.
  • BF (B. F. Sword): An item providing a significant amount of attack damage.
  • BG (Bad Game): An acknowledgment of an unsatisfactory game.
  • Blitz (Blitzcrank): A champion known for his hook ability.
  • Blue (Blue Buff/Blue Sentinel): A jungle buff enhancing mana/energy regeneration and cooldown reduction.
  • BM (Bad Mannered): Displaying poor sportsmanship or taunting behavior.
  • BoRK (Blade of the Ruined King): An item providing attack damage, attack speed, and a unique passive.
  • Bot (Bottom Lane): The bottom lane on Summoner’s Rift, often occupied by ADC and Support.
  • BRB (Be Right Back): Indicates a player will be temporarily away from their keyboard.
  • Broken: Describes something in the game considered imbalanced or malfunctioning.
  • BT (Bloodthirster): An item providing attack damage and lifesteal.
  • Buff: An enhancement to a champion or an improvement to a champion/item in updates.
  • Burst: Dealing a large amount of damage in a short time.


  • Cait (Caitlyn): A champion known for her long-range and traps.
  • Camp: Repeatedly ganking the same lane or a jungle monster’s spawn location.
  • Cap (Rabadon’s/Wooglet’s): Refers to Rabadon’s Deathcap, an item providing significant ability power.
  • Carry: A champion or player who significantly influences the game’s outcome through damage or strategic plays.
  • Cass (Cassiopeia): A champion known for her poison-based abilities and high sustained damage.
  • Caster: A champion whose main source of damage is abilities rather than basic attacks.
  • Cat (Nidalee/Rengar/Yuumi): Refers to champions with feline characteristics or abilities.
  • CC (Crowd Control): Abilities that limit or prevent opponents’ actions (e.g., stuns, slows).
  • CD (Cooldown): The waiting time before an ability can be used again.
  • CDR (Cooldown Reduction): A stat reducing the cooldown time of abilities.
  • Chain CC: Consecutively using multiple crowd control spells on an enemy champion.
  • Champ: Short for “champion,” a character controlled by a player.
  • Cheese: An unexpected and unconventional strategy that can catch opponents off guard.
  • Cho (Cho’Gath): A champion known for his large size and ability to consume enemies.
  • Clash: A tournament system in League of Legends for organized team play.
  • Clown Fiesta: A derogatory term for a chaotic game with little coordination or strategy.
  • Clutch Move: A well-timed action performed under pressure, often turning the tide of a situation.
  • Commit: To fully engage in a fight or strategy without retreating.
  • Counter Gank: Setting up an ambush in response to an enemy’s gank.
  • Counter Jungle: To invade the enemy’s jungle and take their resources.
  • Counter Pick: Choosing a champion specifically to counter an opponent’s champion.
  • Counterplay: Strategies or actions taken to counteract or minimize an opponent’s impact.
  • Counterpush: Neutralizing an enemy’s lane push.
  • Crash: When minions reach an enemy turret or when the game experiences a technical issue.
  • Creep Block: Being impeded by minions or monsters, affecting movement or positioning.
  • Creeps: Refers to minions and neutral monsters in the game.
  • Cross-Map: Securing objectives or making plays on the opposite side of the map from enemy focus.
  • CS (Creep Score): The number of minions and monsters a player has killed for gold and experience.
  • CV (Clairvoyance): A summoner spell for gaining vision, now removed from the game.


  • Dar (Darius): A champion known for his execution-style ultimate and tankiness.
  • DC (Disconnected): A player who has lost connection to the game.
  • Debuff: A negative effect applied to a champion, reducing their combat effectiveness.
  • Deny: Preventing opponents from earning gold and experience, typically through zoning or killing minions.
  • Dive: Aggressively attacking an enemy under their turret.
  • Diff: A difference in player skill, also known as gap. e.g. “mid diff“.
  • DoT (Damage Over Time): Damage applied repeatedly over a period, such as poison or burn effects.
  • DPS (Damage Per Second): A measure of how much damage a champion or team can deal each second.
  • Drain Effect: Healing based on damage dealt, not classified as life steal or spell vamp.
  • Duelist: A champion with strong 1v1 capabilities, often found in split-pushing roles.
  • Dunking: Achieving a kill with a high-impact ability, often used in reference to Darius’s ultimate.


  • Early Game: The initial phase of a match, focusing on laning and farming.
  • EC (Executioner’s Calling): An item used to apply grievous wounds, reducing enemy healing.
  • Egg (Anivia): Referring to Anivia’s passive ability, where she becomes an egg upon death.
  • Elo: A rating system for determining a player’s skill level.
  • Elo Hell: A perceived ranking where progression is frustratingly difficult.
  • Engage: Initiating a fight or combat situation.
  • ER (Essence Reaver): An item providing attack damage, critical strike chance, and cooldown reduction.
  • Eve (Evelynn): A champion known for her stealth and assassination potential.
  • Execute: Abilities designed to finish off low-health targets.


  • FB (First Blood): The first kill in the game.
  • Fed: A champion gaining a significant advantage through accumulating kills.
  • Feed: Repeatedly dying to the enemy team, giving them gold and experience.
  • FF (Forfeit): To surrender or give up the game.
  • Fid (Fiddlesticks): A champion known for his fear-inducing crowstorm ultimate.
  • Fiesta (Clown Fiesta): A chaotic game with many mistakes and random actions.
  • Fish (Fizz, Nami): Refers to champions with aquatic or fish-like themes.
  • Flame Horizon: Having 100 more minion kills than an opponent.
  • FM (Frozen Mallet): An item that provides health and slows enemies on hit.
  • FoW (Fog of War): Areas of the map hidden from a team’s vision.
  • FotM (Flavor of the Month): A champion or strategy that suddenly becomes popular.
  • Freeze: A lane management technique to keep a minion wave near your turret.
  • Front-to-Back: A team fight strategy focusing on frontline enemies first.
  • Frostmancy: A strategy involving the use of Spellthief’s Edge and avoiding minion kills for gold generation.


  • GA (Guardian Angel): An item that resurrects the champion upon death.
  • Gank: To ambush unsuspecting enemies, usually by the jungler.
  • Gap Closer: An ability that shortens the distance between the champion and the enemy.
  • GG (Good Game): A respectful acknowledgment at the end of a game.
  • GJ (Good Job): A compliment for a teammate’s good performance.
  • GL (Good Luck): A friendly gesture of sportsmanship before or during a game.
  • Glass Cannon: A build with high damage output but low survivability.
  • Global: Abilities that can affect distant areas on the map.
  • GP (Gangplank): A champion known for his global ultimate and barrel mechanics.
  • Grag (Gragas): A champion known for his barrel throws and explosive ultimate.


  • Harass: Continuously attacking an enemy with small hits to whittle down their health.
  • Hard CC (Crowd Control): Effects that completely stop enemy actions, like stuns.
  • Heim (Heimerdinger): A champion known for his turret setups and area control.
  • Hypercarry: A champion that becomes extremely powerful in the late game.


  • IE (Infinity Edge): An item providing significant attack damage and critical strike enhancement.
  • Initiate: To start a team fight or engage on the enemy team.
  • Insec: A move where a champion repositions an enemy towards their own team, named after a player who popularized it with Lee Sin.
  • Invade: Entering the enemy’s territory, especially their jungle, early in the game.


  • Juke: Evading enemy abilities or attacks through movement.
  • Jungling: Killing neutral monsters in the jungle and assisting lanes.


  • Kite (Kiting): Attacking an enemy while maintaining distance, especially as a ranged champion.
  • KS (Kill Steal): Taking a kill that might have been secured by another teammate.


  • Lag: Slow response during gameplay, often due to network issues.
  • Lane Bully: A champion who dominates their lane opponent through aggressive play.
  • Last Hit: Securing the killing blow on minions or monsters for gold.
  • Leash: Assisting the jungler with their first jungle camp.


  • Macro (Macro Play): Large-scale strategies and decision-making in the game.
  • Main: A player’s most played or best champion or role.
  • Meta (Metagame): The current most effective strategies and champion picks in the game.


  • Nerf: A game change that makes a champion, item, or strategy less powerful.
  • Nuke: An ability dealing substantial damage, often able to eliminate targets quickly.


  • OOM (Out Of Mana): Lacking mana to cast abilities.
  • OP (Overpowered): Something considered too strong in the current game balance.
  • Oracle: An item or ability used to reveal hidden enemy units or wards.


  • Poke: Dealing damage from a distance to weaken enemies before a full engagement.
  • Proc: Triggering an effect from an ability or item.
  • Push: To advance forward in a lane, clearing minions and targeting enemy structures.


  • QSS (Quicksilver Sash): An item that removes all crowd control effects when activated.
  • Quadra Kill: Achieving four kills in quick succession.


  • Ragequit: Leaving the game prematurely out of frustration.
  • Raka (Soraka): A champion known for her healing abilities.
  • Rambo: Aggressively engaging in fights alone, often recklessly.
  • Rat (Twitch): A champion known for stealth and high burst damage.
  • Red Buff: A jungle buff that provides health regeneration and enhances basic attacks.
  • Renek (Renekton): A champion known for his strong laning phase and burst damage.
  • Roam: Moving away from one’s lane to assist other parts of the map.


  • Scaling: The way a champion’s power increases with levels or items.
  • Scrim (Scrimmage): A practice match between two teams.
  • Shove: Rapidly clearing minion waves to push the lane.
  • Siege: Attacking enemy turrets with the help of minions.
  • Skillshot: An ability that requires manual aiming.
  • Smurf: A high-level player’s secondary account, often used to play at a lower skill level.
  • Snowball: Gaining a significant advantage that progressively increases.
  • Split Push: Pushing a lane alone while the rest of the team is elsewhere.
  • Squishy: A champion with low health and defenses, easily killed.
  • SS (Missing): Indicates that an enemy champion is missing from their lane.
  • Sustain: The ability to maintain health through healing or regeneration.


  • Tank: A champion with high durability, often initiating fights or protecting allies.
  • TP (Teleport): A summoner spell used for teleporting to a location on the map.
  • Trade: Exchanging damage with an enemy champion.
  • Troll: A player who disrupts the game, often intentionally performing poorly.


  • Ult (Ultimate): A champion’s most powerful ability, usually with a significant impact.
  • Untargetable: A state where a champion cannot be targeted by enemy attacks or abilities.


  • Vision: The ability to see an area of the map, usually provided by wards.
  • Vision Control: The strategic placement and clearing of wards to control map visibility.


  • Ward: An item that provides vision in a specified area.
  • Waveclear: The ability to quickly kill minion waves.
  • Wombo Combo: A combination of abilities from different champions that synergize well in a fight.


  • Xin (Xin Zhao): A champion known for his strong dueling capabilities and engage potential.


  • Yi (Master Yi): A champion known for high damage output and fast attack speed.


  • Zoning: Keeping enemies away from a certain area or denying them resources like gold and experience.
  • ZZ’Rot Portal: A former item that summoned voidlings to push lanes.

This glossary includes a broad spectrum of terms used in the League of Legends community, encompassing game mechanics, champion nicknames, strategic concepts, and common slang. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the Rift, understanding this terminology can enhance your gameplay experience and communication with fellow summoners.

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