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Latest Definitions

What Does “Kiting” Mean in League of Legends?

Delve into the strategic gaming term 'kiting' from League of Legends, a critical combat maneuver enabling players to maximize damage output while minimizing damage received, a skillful dance of attack and retreat on the battlefield.

What Does “Leash” mean in League of Legends?

Explore the meaning and strategic importance of 'leashing' in League of Legends, an essential team coordination move that aids the jungler by dealing initial damage to a neutral monster.

What Does “Glass Cannon” mean in Gaming?

Discover the meaning of 'glass cannon' in gaming, a term that embodies the high-risk, high-reward strategy of powerful offense coupled with fragile defense.

What Does “TTV” Mean in Gaming?

Unravel the gaming acronym 'TTV', a term often encountered in online multiplayer games, revealing its connection to the popular live-streaming platform Twitch.

What does “DLC” mean in gaming?

Dive into the dynamic world of gaming with our exploration of DLCs, or Downloadable Content, as we unveil their meaning, origins, and their profound impact on the modern gaming landscape.

What Does “RNG” Mean in Gaming?

Explore the fascinating role of randomness in games as we dive deep into the meaning, usage, and impact of 'RNG' or 'Random Number Generator' in gaming contexts.

What does “BM” mean in gaming?

Unravel the intriguing world of gaming etiquette as we dissect the term 'BM', its implications, and how it shapes interactions within the gaming community.

What Does “Inting” Mean in League of Legends?

Explore the gaming term 'inting', its impact on League of Legends gameplay, and how understanding it can enhance your overall gaming strategy and sportsmanship.

What Does “Beige Flag” Mean?

A "beige flag" refers to a unique, peculiar trait in a person that isn't inherently good or bad, but is intriguing enough to make you momentarily reflect upon it in the context of a relationship.

What does “Off Suit” Mean in Poker?

Dive into the term "off suit" in this in-depth look at poker terminology. Learn about its definition, usage, origin, and related terms, improving your understanding and strategy of the game.