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What Does “TP” Mean in Gaming?

"TP, or Teleport, in gaming is not just a movement ability; it's a strategic element that, when used effectively, can significantly alter the course of games like League of Legends and Dota 2."

The Ultimate League of Legends Glossary

Welcome to the world of League of Legends, one of the most iconic MOBAs, where the fast-paced action on the Rift is matched only by the rapid-fire slang used by its players. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the realm of Summoner’s Rift, understanding the unique language of League can be as crucial ... Read more

What Does “SMP” Mean in Minecraft?

"SMP in Minecraft represents more than just a game mode; it's a community-driven experience where creativity, survival, and collaboration come together to create unique and memorable adventures."

What Does “OOM” Mean in Gaming?

Explore the significance of the term "OOM" in gaming - a crucial indicator in strategy and role-playing games that signifies a player's inability to cast abilities due to depleted mana, profoundly impacting gameplay and team dynamics.

What Does “GLHF” Mean?

In the fast-paced, competitive world of online gaming, "GLHF" stands for "Good Luck, Have Fun," a phrase that sets the tone for sportsmanship and mutual respect before a match begins.

What Does “n1” Mean in Gaming?

In the gaming world, "N1" stands for "Nice one," serving as a quick and convenient way to acknowledge or congratulate someone's good play or achievement, fostering a positive and sportsmanlike gaming culture.

What Does “BT” Mean in League of Legends?

"BT" in League of Legends refers to the item "Bloodthirster", providing substantial attack damage and lifesteal, making it a go-to choice for AD carries and basic attack reliant champions.

What Does “Aggro” Mean in League of Legends?

Unlock the strategic understanding of 'aggro' in League of Legends, an essential gaming term that stands for the aggression or attention a player draws from in-game AI units, playing a pivotal role in mastering the game.

What Does “Poke” Mean in League of Legends?

Dive into the strategic depth of 'poke' in League of Legends - a tactical tool used by players to chip away at enemies' health from a distance, setting the stage for successful engagements and objective control.

What Does “Facecheck” Mean in League of Legends?

Explore the meaning and implications of 'facechecking' in League of Legends, a high-risk, high-reward move that involves revealing hidden enemies at the possible cost of your champion's safety.